Mercedes C63 Black Series In-depth Comparison

With so many options available in the performance production vehicle market, what are the best options? Ferrari 430 Scuderia? Perhaps the Porsche 911 GT3 or BMW’s M3 GTS? What about something from overseas? Today we are going to consider something from our favourite German manufacturer: Mercedes-Benz.

Mercedes have been producing very stylish vehicles that also perform for many years but some of the products they have been offering recently have become very interesting. Mercedes C series – particularly the C63 has been the choice of many as it offers the styling and performance that so many discerning drivers prefer. Mercedes have used that benchmark vehicle and have taken things to the next level by offering the Mercedes C63 Black Series. You might ask – why the Black Series rather than the C63? What type of innovation and performance functionality does the Black Series have that justifies the price premium?
In regards to performance, the C63 Black is more than admirable. A top speed of 300 kilometers per hour and a 0-100 km/h time of 4.2 seconds, the Black Series rivals the performance just about any production supercar.


In regards to enhancements over the standard C 63, the Black Series incorporates a race track style coil over the suspension with adjustable dampers. To better hug the road and manage the demands of a professional race driver, the track of the Black Series is 40 milimeter wider at the front and 79 milimeter wider at the rear of the vehicle. The radiator has 50% more surface area and 390 milimetrcarbon-ceramic, front brake discs come standard.

Forged pistons, conrods, a lightweight crankshaft and a new ECU brings the engine outputs of 451bhp as well as 443lb ft. from the regular C63 up to 510 bp and 457lb ft. In addition to the increased horses and torque, the C63, Black Series is approximately 20kg lighter than the C63. This all adds up to take a few tenths of a second off the 0-100 km speed.
The Black series features the AMG aerodynamics package in addition to additional vents in the nose and larger wheel arches. The black accents and adjustable carbon rear wing differentiate the exterior from the C63.
The acceleration is hard and the steering is sharper – complemented by the stronger braking ability of the larger discs. Outfitted with Dunlop tires working cohesively with active transmission cooling, the control is better and grips tighter. The vehicle handles like the race-car it is.


With a wet clutch in the Black Series replacing the torque converter, changes are made in 100 milliseconds at full throttle. Although the subtle differences feel similar to the regular C63, the smooth and subtle gear changes are a definite upgrade.
Inside you will find an interior very similar to the regular C63 tasteful yet subtle contrasting stitching, along with attractive carbon trim and a small Black Series badge clearly identifying your exclusive machine.
For the performance being offered, 23.2 miles per gallon is a pleasant surprise in regards to fuel efficiency. The rear-wheel drive weighs 1,710kg and comes in at slightly over £100,000, depending on your retailer of choice.
With the improvements offered by the Mercedes Black Series, this vehicle compares and even exceeds the performance of cars such as the Jaguar X.K.R.S or an Aston Vantage.