BMW 340i a Fanboy car to stay?

It is not easy to achieve what BMW being BMW achieves every time! And it is no different with its latest launch the BMW 340i. The company’s much loved series, the 3 series is its heart and soul and remains the target and benchmark for every wannabe sports sedan maker. With growing competition, however, the leading automaker is itself shifting its emphasis from being the ultimate driving machine to having the most efficient dynamics.340i

The BMW 335i was much loved by the sports car enthusiasts for its super silky power delivery and excellent power band. The new BMW 340i is all set replace this BMW favorite as the new most loved car in 2016.

At first look, you may find the 340i similar to the outgoing 335i. But look closer and what strikes you right away is more aggressive design and look of the new 340i. This car comes with new headlights and taillights that give the car a more robust look. The car looks even better when you have these lights turned on. There are nice touches to car that only a BMW enthusiast can note. Also adding to the series of new lights to the car is the new fog lights in 340i that was not there in the 335i.


The interior too is not much different from the 335i but there are some nice and improved changes to it. You will now find the color of your car on the door panel as well. So if you have a matte blue car than the interior accent of matte blue will be there on the panel of the car door too. The cup holder in the 340i slides in and out and the seats come with a very nice white stitching on them. The screen software seems to be updated making it smoother and quicker.


The font color for the AC that was orange in the last series is now white. The car lock beep is now louder as you lock or unlock your car as compared to the 335i that was comparatively softer. The door gives a nice oft thud now as you close it.

The biggest and most noticeable change to the bmw 340i is its engine. The new engine is the 3.0-liter engine that comes equipped with BMW’s latest Twin Power Turbo technology. It replaces the N55 in the 335i and is the highest in the gasoline line up in the 3 Series. It improves on the horsepower of the 335i by 20hp and goes on to give up 320 horsepower in the 340i. It also produces an impressive peak torque of up to 330 lb-ft.

The 340i comes powered with the automatic eight –speed ZF and there is also the option of a six-speed manual gearbox. The 340i driven with the eight-speed Steptronic transmission accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in less than 5 seconds, preReference: 4.8 seconds.

If you found the 335i to be a little soft n its appearance and performance than look out for the new 340i. It is definitely more aggressive with a stiff steering and a tighter suspension.

The BMW 340i is definitely the best car in its class, as was the 335i before.